Lucky card provide the chance to include your card in the lucky draw and earn more.

Just buy a card and you are ready to enter in the contest. You will have a chance to open a card in the game.

How It Works

The process of RB earning is very easy and eanrful for the new comers. Just follow the steps given below and start earning with eas of use.

Step 1: Buy Lucky Card

Buy your lucky cards as much as you want and wait until all cards are finished. You can purchase multiple cards in single phase.

Step 2: Lucky Draw

Once all cars are sold you have to participate in the lucky draw to choose a card from randomly displayed cards. Once you selected the card all the cards will be opened and your selected card will get a point for winning. If you will not open the card within 24 hours you will not be able to open the card but your cards will have the points to win.

Step 3: Get Paid

After 24 hours result will be displayed on to you and winner will get rewards. Winners will be counted on the basis of points. Points means how many times card appeared in the lucky draw.

Step 4: Withdraw Funds

You can withdraw up to 100% of your earning. And you can withdraw your revenue everyday .

Our lucky draws

Here you can browse the completed and open lucky draws.

Name Price Start Date End Date Reward Status
Gold Cards Draw 23 $0.5 15-Jun-2022 02-Jul-2022 $6
Basic Card Draw 53 $0.1 11-Jul-2022 20-Jul-2022 $1.25
Silver Card Draw 35 $0.2 05-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 $2.5
Silver Card Draw 34 $0.2 28-Jun-2022 04-Jul-2022 $2.5
Silver Card Draw 36 $0.2 28-Jul-2022 14-Aug-2022 $2.5
Basic Card Draw 54 $0.1 28-Jul-2022 04-Aug-2022 $1.25
Basic Draw 40 $0.1 31-Jan-2022 07-Feb-2022 $1.5
Basic Draw 45 $0.1 03-Mar-2022 09-Mar-2022 $2.5
Gold Cards Draw 18 $0.5 19-Jan-2022 08-Feb-2022 $6.2
Gold Cards Draw 20 $0.5 03-Mar-2022 03-Mar-2022 $6
Basic Draw 43 $0.1 19-Feb-2022 22-Feb-2022 $1.5
Basic Draw 37 $0.1 14-Jan-2022 18-Jan-2022 $1.5
Basic Draw 48 $0.1 25-Mar-2022 30-Mar-2022 $2.5
Basic Draw 34 $0.1 30-Dec-2021 04-Jan-2022 $1.5
Basic Draw 50 $0.1 23-Jun-2022 26-Jun-2022 $1.25
Silver Card Draw 32 $0.2 25-Mar-2022 01-Apr-2022 $5
Silver Card Draw 29 $0.2 03-Mar-2022 07-Mar-2022 $2.5
Silver Card Draw 30 $0.2 07-Mar-2022 14-Mar-2022 $2.5
Basic Draw 44 $0.1 25-Feb-2022 27-Feb-2022 $1.5
Basic Draw 35 $0.1 06-Jan-2022 09-Jan-2022 $1.5